Majid Hoseini


About me

I was born in Teheran, in Iran and now I'm living inDenmark. I'm an autodidact painter. I got a degree of economy at univeristy in Teheran and art in Naestved, Denmark. 

I have my own style in art - carpet paiting and ballpoint pen drawings on newspaper and canvas. 

I received the honorable gold medal from the World Peace Organization in gratitude for creating a newstyle of art and social realistic new paintings and drawing.

I was chosen as the best artist on the Modern Art Exhibition, Art Hilleroed in Denmark in 2024. I also received the Peacock Award for Science and the Arts from the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Denmark. I was also chosen as the best artist from around three hundred artists on art festival via Budding Art Academy in England. I was recognized as one of the best portraitpainters in Denamrk in 2018.

I am a member of one of the oldest Association of Painters of Denamark in Naestved and also of the Association of Painters of KuBa.

I work as a teacher and painter. My interest in visual art already began in childhood and during the war. By my paintings I try to present my feeling. I began to draw conceptual pictures and images of weapons and war.

My paintings are mostly figurative and heads and faceces are the main symbols. Especially I focus on the eyes because feelings are transmited through the eyes. Through illustrations and paintings I express inner thoughts and feelings which are my experiences and encounters in my daily life. To show andexpress my story I sit in front of the canvas and the image
I create what has hapened of what I think will happen in the future. These images are reflections of human feelings and emotions such a hope, fear, anger, happiness, sadness, anxiety and of course sometimes beyond reality.

I try to creat an unique art in a special style and this is the beginning of the style and stream for a contemporary artist.

I have had many individual and group exhibition in different countries for example: Spain, Sweden, Italy, Japan, Iran etc. 

Upcoming exhibitions in 2024

1-29 February 2024,  Solo exhibition in Haraldur Gallery 

Ordrupvej 48B 2920 Copenhagen

2-3 March 2024,  Exhibition in KuBa Artmesse

Grønnegade 10 4700 Næstved

15-17 March 2024, Kunstsamlingen Art Hilleroed

Milnersvej 39, 3400 Hilleroed

29-31 March 2024, Copenhagen Art Space

Docken, Færgehavnsvej 35, 2150 København Ø

22-29 June 2024, Art Week Kerteminde, 

Lundsgaardsvej 15, 5300 Kerteminde

7-8 September 2024 Aabent Atelier Næstved

Tommerupvej 4, 4700 Næstved

11-13 October 2024, Luftkastelet,

Utsiktsvägen 10, 216 30, Limhamn, Malmo, Sweden

8-10 November 2024 Fredericia Art Festival

Fredericia, Denmark

Art works


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